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Zamien Elliot Scott

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Read Tributes for Zamien Elliot Scott

  1. Zamien Elliot Scott I treasure every single second I had to spend time with you !!!! You have changed many peoples lives!!! You are our hero!!! Grandma Judy misses you more and more everyday!!! Justice for Zamien soon baby!!!

  2. Zamien, I miss you so much my beautiful baby boy! I wish I could bring you back, but it means a lot to me getting to see you live on in the others you saved!

    Gone way too soon baby :(.

  3. Dear Zamien, Your Aunt Nita was just getting to know You. I’ll always cherish the times I got to hold You and see Your smile. U certainly left a Hero. Love U♥️

  4. Way to go you lil angel ..your such a beautiful lil baby .. i think of as if i knew you personally

  5. Dear Zamien, My heart has been shattered, life will never be the same with out you here. You were such a special little man here on earth. You will always be my true life hero. Save me a spot, I will see you again someday. I love you Z man

  6. I hope you get a. Hands to meet my mom while your up there little buddy, I hope that you’ve made a big impact on the angels like you did to everyone who loved you down here. I hope that when the time comes that you get to meet your mommy and daddy at the pearly gates. Fly high little buddy ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Zamien you touched so many lives in life and in death!!! I can close my eyes and still see that sweet little boy with the huge smile running down the aisle of our church. We miss and love you ❤❤

  8. Baby Zamien Elliot Scott
    you have touched so many lives, in a short time , you will always be remembered..
    A Super HERO that can Fly High !!
    Justice for Zamien !!

  9. I didn’t know you but I did have the privilege to meet your mom after you passed. I’m so proud of your strength and your parents strength! Justice is coming so keep enjoying heaven and watching your family. ❤️