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Gerald E Hunt III

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  1. Jerry is remembered for his creative, intellectual, loving nature. It brings comfort to know his organs have changed others lives. We miss you love

  2. Knowing my brother’s last act was helping others with life saving donation brings a little solace to me.

  3. We are so happy our son could help so many others
    We love you to the moon and back 💙
    Happy Birthday 🎂 in heaven

  4. My dear sweet Little Jer you always went out of your way to help others in life and still are doing it after you left this earth. We will always miss and love you. Until we meet again Little Jer; your Aunt “Lynder”💙

  5. To my Amazing Jerry,
    You brought so many gifts to the world – your one-of-a-kind sense of humor and quit wit, stunning creativity, intense loyalty, unique observations of the world, incredibly big heart for those you loved, and remarkable intelligence that led to so many brilliant inventions. You also brought me the gift of fiercely unconditional love for seventeen years, which I will carry with me forever. I am so proud of the life-saving gifts you have now given through organ donation, and know you would be incredibly proud to have helped others in this way. Thank you for loving me for the rest of your life- I will now spend the rest of mine honoring you with love.

  6. You were and always will be an amazing stepdad. I got to pick you and I wouldn’t have ever changed you. You made life even more worth living and made every single day more special. Everything you touched in life came out more beautiful than it was before and the gift you have given others through organ donation will continue that legacy of making things better for those around you. We will all be missing you dearly and I love you always!

  7. Thank you Jerry for your selfless act of organ donation. Your donation has enriched the lives of many people and their families.
    I am honored to wear the rings you made me everyday as a tribute to your brilliant work.
    You are missed every moment of every day.

  8. My little brother. What can I say to describe you or the enormous unconditional love and empathy you held for everyone you met or knew. I can’t describe the pain and hole your absence is leaving in my heart. But the gift that you have given to the world’s of the people who were blessed enough to receive an organ from you is enough to comfort me until we meet again. I love you to infinity and beyond bubby. ❤️

  9. Our son Jerry
    You were the most amazing son anyone could ever have
    And you still are giving to others
    Your heart ❤️ is still living on
    Because of your selfishness
    You have saved others
    I miss and love you