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Collin Michael Granger

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Read Tributes for Collin Michael Granger

  1. Collin, I will love and miss you forever and ever. You were such a wonderful, good-natured person. A joy to be around. I’m a better person for knowing you. Your absence is so very heartbreaking. Thank goodness for the amazing memories. Missing you always with all my heart. I love you Aunt Miki

  2. Collin, you are the very best thing that ever happened in my life. Nothing ever made me more proud, than being able to say Im Collins Mom. Im so proud of the kind of person you grew up to be. You were bright colors in a dull dreary youre personality an soul always glowed beautifully.. I feel so blessed for the time i had with you. You have always been the light in my life, an my heart .You are the kindest, most genuine person iv ever known, an i wish you could have seen yourself through my eyes…. I miss you so much…Please watch over me til i can be with you again… Rest in paradise my son. I Love You Collin…. Mom

  3. I’m going to miss you forever, Collin. You were an amazing brother, and such a kind-hearted person. My memories of you will always be of how cheerful and easy going you were. I wish I had more of those, but will cherish the ones I have. I’m so heartbroken that you’re gone, but proud for the lives you’ve saved.

  4. Collin, I love you more than you will ever know. You will forever be my favorite cousin. You make me so proud by saving the lives that you did. I haven’t taken off your necklace because i know you’re with me whenever I wear it. I can’t wait to see you and talk to you again. Please be my guardian angel and watch over me and protect me. I love you

  5. Collin, it was a shock and so sad to find out you left us so young. I’m so proud of you. You inspired me to also become a donor on my birthday. I will always be thinking of you and be missing you. I love you, goodbye.

  6. Collin, it breaks my heart that your gone I’m going to miss you so much. I’m so proud of the young man you had become so much love and kindness in your heart. I will always be grateful for the wonderful memories with you son. I love you, dad.

  7. Collin, the world is a better place for the time you were here. Although we did not spend a lot of time with you we will always remember your smile, acts of kindness, and the joy you gave everyone around you. You will be missed but never forgotten.

  8. Collin
    You are a good person, and even a better man. I worked with you and lived with you. I wish I had more time to have gotten to know you more. There is never enough time when it comes to those you love, I will always love and miss you.

  9. Collin-
    There is never a day that goes by I don’t think about you.. you had a smile that could light up a room and eyes that made me wanna get lost. The world was a better place with you here.. You were one of the best people I have ever met and you had one of the most amazing hearts. I will love you forever and a piece of me will always be yours. I carry you with me and I miss you everyday. My life changed forever because of you. You made such a difference in my life and I cherish every day that I got spend with you, a part of you will always live in me. I can’t wait to see you again one day, I know I will….. I love you more than words can say.
    Always yours,

  10. The Love i felt was so pure ,Agape love, selfless an more powerful than Any other emotion or feeling that any human Could possibly . experience.. When its suddenly gone , … in my heart I know that i am so blessed to have been able to experience that in my life. But it came at a most expensive price. The grief I feel is as powerful an intense as the love i felt for him.. Grief is the price for love. I enjoyed 29 years of the highest form of love. I dont know rite now if im strong enough to pay the price ..even if it was worth every second of pain an suffering. He was a beautiful person , an its the worlds loss . Because kindness, empathy an the way he looked at the world. Is extremely rare.. And i was lucky enough to have him in my life. He influenced me in so many beautiful ways. That unfortunately i didnt even realize it until he was not here. I am what i am , because he was in my life. I wish everyone could experience what i did .. The world would be so much more beautiful….

  11. Collin it’s almost been a year that you have been gone- and yet I don’t know if it feels like forever or just yesterday. I know that I still feel the pain of losing you everyday and it the hurt is just the same maybe worse. You were one of the truest realist people I have ever known. I wish you really knew how special you are to me. I so wanted to marry you – to grow old with you – to have a family and spend the rest of my life with you….. Your life was stolen way to soon and it’s not fair. I will never understand why you had to go. I miss all the amazing times we had and things we did. I cherish those memories I have with you. You made me a better person and in more than one way you saved my life- I wish I could have done the same for you. Please know that you will always live in my heart and I will miss and love you for eternity. Sometimes I hear you in my head and sometimes I swear I feel you near. Sometimes I can’t help looking for you. I just miss you. Always know I am yours. I love you Collin.

  12. Grief is like a moving river. It’s always changing. I would say in some ways it just gets worse. It’s just that the more time that passes, the more you miss someone. Collin a year without you has felt like an eternity. Missing you always and forever. You were such a bright person in more ways than I can count.
    I love you!

  13. Collin some days are so hard I miss you more than ever. I wish you could be here… I just want you to know some of the best days of my life were with you. I promise to cherish them always. I will love you always and a part of you will always live in me like a part of me died with you …. Forever yours