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Blake C R Smith

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  1. Blake was only 23 when we lost him from a sudden illness a diaphragmatic hernia.
    Blake was such a good child besides being a little sassy in his teenage and adult years Blake never gave me trouble.
    His smile and laughter was the BEST. He loved gaming he worked and built a gaming empire in his room that he was so proud of.
    He also played YUGIOH, how he loved that. We have a local place he would spend a lot of weekends.. Post Board Gaming in Lexington, Ohio.
    I’m sure he spent a lot of money there too!! He loved to go to regionals in Columbus. I would hear about it for weeks till it came and off he went with friends who share the same passion.
    Blake had a very small circle of friend’s but they were everything to him. He was always helping someone whether they were suffering from depression or just needed an ear. He was the most thoughtful son, friend you would ever know. While he was on this earth he touch many lives, it wasn’t till he left us that I found out just what Blake did for others. It was amazing but not shocking.
    Blake touched those he worked with he was so fortunate to have 3 great bosses who he enjoyed working for. Not many can say that but Blake could.
    His job at our race track Mid Ohio Sports Car Course, Marco’s pizza and the BEST Bakery Buckeye Bakery was where he was at presently.
    He is so missed by his working family.
    Blake gave it all he had and his bosses saw that.
    I cannot tell you how many compliments I’d get about Blake that he was polite and so sweet, he cared about others and was so thoughtful, he was a hard worker and so on.
    He made me so very PROUD!!
    Blake and I had a very close, loving relationship he was everything to me. Blake got the best from me and I him. I miss him every sec of everyday. This has been devasting to me and I will never be the same EVER!! He still lived with us when he passed. He was figuring out life and the direction he wanted to go.
    Unfortunately that came to a stop on 3/25/22. He left my arms as I held him saying everything I needed to say and went right into Jesus arms where he is safe and waiting for me. I cannot wait for the day we reunite.
    I am so PROUD Blake became an organ donor. He ask me one day what the heart was on my drivers license so I told him and when he got his license he told me he did it too!!
    No surprise there and he left this earth doing what he did when he was here, help others. Lifeline Of Ohio has been such a blessing to me. They have not stopped checking up and asking n if they can do anything.
    The person who called me when Blake passed was so kind and sensitive to my situation. I never thought I’d be doing this for my son. I thought he or my husband would be doing this for me.
    I just love the fact that Blake did one final thing to help others when he went to his Heavenly home.
    I will leave you with this, Blakes saying it’s on the back of his urn. It was him through and though.

    ” To be stronge enough so no one has to worry about me. To have the strength to be someone’s legs and arms. To tend to the wounded and heal the broken. To have an unbreakable will and unwavering resolve.
    That’s what I aspire to be. I want to reach the top to share it with everyone else.”

  2. I know you for about 4 years. You became one of my best friend and a brother to me. I miss playing yugioh with you at the card shop. You was one of the nicest person I ever met. I wish you was still here with us.

  3. Blake was the most kind person I ever had the pleasure of meeting. We became friends way back in freshman year of high school. We had this group of friends called the park dorks that went to a park every Wednesday to hang out and just be kids. He was the sunniest person in the group. Blake had the most contagious laughter and such amazing energy that lifted you up even on your worst days. One of my favorite memories is playing yugioh with him. We had this weekly group going at John F.’s house for a little bit where we just played and even traded cards. Blake, of course lol, would pretty much always win, and then he even gave my brother a deck that made my brother unstoppable: the infamous Oxy ox deck. After that we stopped playing yugioh and did other things lmao. I really wish I could’ve had at least one more game with him, but I’m just grateful that I, even if it was just for a while, play with the king of games. I know he’s gone, but I hope I can take some of the light he gave me and share that with others. Because we could all use the light that Blake was.

  4. Blake’s laughter could be heard throughout Buckeye Bakery where I worked and got to know Blake. His laugh would always make me laugh even if I didn’t know what he was laughing about. He always was smiling and always said hello & goodbye to everyone before he left work. Blake had a big heart and was always there to lend a hand or make you laugh. He was a fun person to be around and will always be in my heart. Until we meet again fly high Blake! You are forever missed. 💛

  5. Blake’s laughter would fill Buckeye Bakery where I worked and got to know Blake. His laugh would make me laugh even if I had no idea why he was laughing about. His smile brighten up the room. He always said hi & goodbye to all of us at the bakery each day. Blake will forever live in my heart. Until we meet again fly high and watch over us! 💛

  6. Blake was a beautiful soul. He had the best hugs and the most infectious laughter. I miss both every day. He always knew how to cheer anyone up, even if he was feeling down himself. He definitely had his demons, but he never let them hold him back from helping his friends and family. He was one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. Words will never be able to describe how loved and missed he is. I hope we’re making him proud. Blake really taught us to live like each day could be your last, and to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, because you never know when they’ll be gone. We miss you buddy. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think of you. Love you bud. Keep shining for us.

  7. Blake, I wanted to thank you for the life you chose to live. You taught everyone around you that it’s okay to be whoever you are. You always chose to live your life at the beat of your own drum. To do and love whatever made you happy, and you never failed to show kindness along the way. Every life you touched, and everything you did was better simply by having you be a part of it. We love you, Blake. And we will never forget you.

  8. Blake is one of my 6 grandchildren & if you could look at both of our baby pics you would think we were twins. I am so proud that Blake wanted to be an organ donor & now a little bit of him lives on in others. I’m also thankful for his gaming buddies & how they liked him so much which helped him with his struggles in live, Grandma will see you again Blake in heaven- John 3:16

  9. I 💛you and miss you so much Blake. You are in Heaven a place with your father ✨Lord~Jesus~ Christ ✨ We will meet again and I am so greatful to be able to meet you again along with Grandpa and so many relatives and of course God the father and the Holy Ghost.🙏🏼 Until we meet again in Heaven your Mom’s A-waiting too. God Bless you😊love you Blake

  10. Reading all of the tributes made me really happy but yet sad. But I would like to say Thank you all for such nice tributes💛 to Blake He is shining bright✨ from Heaven🌤️ and is a “Champion”🌟

  11. Not a day goes by that we all don’t miss you. It may get a little easier as time goes on, but that’s just because I know you’re in a better place, and we will get to see each other again.
    I miss your positivity. You had the brightest smile in the room, the funniest laugh. You always knew the right things to say to help your friends. You always had the best anime recommendations. I miss that, and I miss playing video games with you. You were the truest, most selfless person I will ever have the privilege of knowing. Until we meet again, I will be here and do my best to make you proud! We all love and miss you.

  12. Blake was someone who touched the life of everyone he met, I’ve never met someone who could light up a room as well as he could, couldn’t have asked for a better friend

  13. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, I’m going to make sure I always have a Gengar on my team just for you.